SOURCE: Jets considering punting on first down on every possession


After watching Geno Smith throw 3 first half interceptions in his first start, Mark Sanchez throw 940 or so in his starts, and looking at the rest of their roster, the Jets are running out of possible solutions at QB. They thought they had found one when they named a guy they spotted in the parking lot as starter ( but after signing his contract he is now holding out for more money, and looking at the Jets, who could blame him?

They’ve considered playing without a QB, they don’t even have a QB listed at all as their #2 on their depth chart (check that parking lot QB article to see the full depth chart). But they’re afraid even that is too dangerous (fumbling is more contagious than the flu on the Jets), so, according to a source, they’ve got a new possible solution: punt. Yes, it’s what they usually do anyway when they somehow don’t turn it over, but we aren’t talking on 4th down. We’re talking on first down. On every single offensive possession.

Won’t that wear out the D? Not as much as you’d think. “It sucks to constantly be forced to cover guys in short field after turnovers. I’d rather be on the field for 58 minutes, honestly,” said CB Antonio Cromartie as he looked down at a piece of paper. “Oh thank god…it isn’t mine. Phew, finally passed a paternity test. But getting back to what you were saying, I wouldn’t mind being on the field that much. It would give me more opportunities to make some plays. Just don’t ask me to tackle. Please god. I’m begging you.”

And he’s not the only one excited about this idea. Mark Sanchez: “This is the best news I’ve heard since I first got that phone call saying I was going to be a Jet. I still can’t believe they took me 5th overall. FIFTH. I didn’t think I should be drafted before the fifth ROUND. Clay Matthews went 21 spots AFTER me. HA! But man this is great. I’ll put up the best numbers of my career punting on first down. This is so exciting…I need to go buy a new headband to celebrate.” That Mark Sanchez sure knows how to party.

Is this the solution the Jets have been looking for? Could punting on first down be the new thing to take the league (or at least, Oakland and Jacksonville) by storm? Stay tuned.


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