VIDEO: Florida State’s ball boy has Heisman caliber skills


It’s been Florida State’s year, as they’ve been like Aldon Smith driving on the road…running over everything in their path. 11 of their 12 wins have come by 27 points or more, the other was them “only” beating Boston College by 14. (Matt Ryan must be so proud)

They’ve got skill everywhere, Jameis Winston, James Wilder and DeVonta Freeman at RB, Kelvin Benjamin, Rashad Greene, and Kenny Shaw at WR, are all expected to be early picks in the NFL, not to mention their OL. Some of them may be taking a pay cut in the NFL, but that’s a story for another day.

The best one of them all may be…their ball boy. Seriously.

Check out his highlight tape:

(Link to the video:

Now that’s elite speed. If he doesn’t melt in the sunlight (gingers do have sensitive skin), he’s got a bright future.

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