Reds & Indians Engage In Twitter Battle Before Ohio Cup


If you ask American sports fans who the Los Angeles Kings are, they are more likely to tell you that they are the team with the funny Twitter account than the reigning Stanley Cup champions. Now every team wants in on the Twitter fun. The Reds are desperately in need of fun after their unofficial Twitter spokesman, Brandon Phillips, was placed on the disabled list with a thumb injury presumably resulting from excessive tweeting. Meanwhile, relative to the recent ménage à trois between Cleveland sports fans, LeBron James and Johnny Manziel, the Indians are the unwelcome voyeur viewing from afar.

The Reds and Indians began a four-game home-and-home series this week and took to Twitter to spice up a set of games no one in the other 49 states cares about.

Oh, so Ohio is Reds Country? Might want to inform one of the state’s U.S. Representatives and Speaker of the House John Boehner, who is apparently under the assumption it is Orange Country.


The Indians’ reply was simple, clean and full of win – in other words, very unlike Cleveland.

The Tribe then doubled down by making sure to let the Reds know who was in possession of the Ohio Cup.

Weird that it looks like a 15 year old Toledo beer league softball trophy. Speaking of trophies, though…

Good night, nurse! World Series championship smack is always going to be the hammer. And thus concludes the most exciting part of this week’s Battle of Ohio for the Ohio Cup – the baseball equivalent of two West Virginia hillbillies fighting over the possum roadkill both hopes to take home for dinner.


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