REPORT: Tom Brady plans on wearing his wife’s lucky panties


Tom Brady is sick of hearing about Spygate. He’s sick of hearing about the tuck rule (except when he’s wearing his wife’s underwear, but that’s an entirely different story). He’s sick of hearing about all the souls Bill Belichick has sacrificed over the years. He’s sick of hearing about all the reasons why the Patriots have won that aren’t about him. So he’s pulling out all the stops to make sure he wins Sunday, in potentially his final matchup against Mr. Omaha (

He recently admitted to Women’s Health magazine some of his guilty pleasures:

But we’ve now learned even more than that (prepare any small children who may be in the room).

According to a report, he plans on wearing his wife’s lucky panties on Sunday. He’s worn them 12 times before, and is 12-0 so far. One of Tom’s favorite things to do is after winning, is run around his house wearing his wife’s bra, panties, and a “fresh” pair of Uggs while drinking a pink frozen margaita. “Oh. My. God. It is like totes amazing. It’s so much fun!! And then Giselle and I sit around and have pillow fights and girl talk all night long. It’s so wonderful I think I could cry.”


Girls just wanna have fun!!!

As you can see, wearing his wife’s underwear is serious business. Brady says there’s nothing he loves more after a long day than coming home and taking his bra off. “Like I love wearing it, but it’s just so uncomfortable you know?” He hasn’t decided if he’s going to wear a bra Sunday, but he’s definitely going for the panties. He might accessorize with a little perfume, perhaps some eye liner, maybe even a little eye shadow. Decisions, decisions. But he’s got time to decide and color coordinate.

If the panties are as successful as he plans on, will he wear them again in the Super Bowl if the Patriots knock off the Broncos? “Like oh my god I can’t even think that far,” said Brady. “I don’t know if it’ll be raining, or snowing in New York or what. I might wear Gisellle’s long underwear. It’s just like so much to think about, you know? I just want to focus on beating that poopy head Manning. I keep asking Roger to let me wear my cute Uggs during a game but he hasn’t let me yet. He’s such a meanie. :(


Tom, having a moment

That he is. One thing’s for sure, there may be more than a sixth trip to the Super Bowl on the line for Tom on Sunday, there could be a future endorsement with Victoria’s Secret as well. And that would be like SUPER fabulous.

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