Calgary Flames goalie channels inner ninja


Calgary– Whenever a team is in the process of rebuilding, the on-ice (or on-field) product is usually bland and sometimes downright unwatchable. The Calgary Flames would like to challenge this assumption.

In Wednesday night’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Reto Berra (don’t ask us, we don’t know who he is, either) had only seen seven minutes of action when the Blue Jackets had a prime chance to take the lead. The following proceeded to happen.

Oh my sweet and buttery goodness, that was absolutely sick. Unfortunately, the Flames were only able to revel in the save, as they would fall in OT 2-1. Regardless, the Flames can now say they have a ninja for a goalie. I’ll bet that sales pitch will sell an extra ticket or two, if marketed right. Then again, this is Jay Feaster we’re talking about. It won’t be marketed right, and it’ll probably get traded to the Penguins before it’s all over. Oh, well, Calgary. At least you aren’t Winnipeg.

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