GIF: Xavier Henry sends Jeff Withey to meet Marvin Williams


The Lakers haven’t done much of anything right the last two years (Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni over Phil, keeping D’Antoni, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash…you get the idea.)

But what they have seemed to do right is Xavier Henry. Win with Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard? Not so much. Xavier Henry & Jordan Farmer? Juggernaut.

Tonight Xavier Henry saw JJ Hickson’s Marvin Williams, and raised him 10 Brandon Knights at once on Jeff Withey.


(GIF via @bubbaprog)

We’re just losing people left and right here. Do you even know what you’ve done Xavier? Now the Pelicans’ mascot is going to be coming after you. Whatever you do, don’t eat his candy or get into his van.

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