Derrick Rose agrees to one year deal with the bench


After tearing his right meniscus, Derrick Rose was delighted to announce that he has agreed to a 1 year deal with the Chicago Bulls’ bench.  “It’s a natural fit,” Rose said.  “I’ve always had a great chemistry with the chair to my left and the chair to my right.  We had a great run last year and I’m excited to see what we can do this year.”

Recovery time for a torn meniscus can vary greatly depending on the situation, but most have predicted Rose to need 2-3 months to fully recover.  “Two months, three months, a year?  It’s all semantics,” Rose’s agent B.J. Armstrong said Saturday.  “We actually tried to get him on the bench for a 3 year deal with a 4th year player option, but the bench didn’t want to commit.”

The next decision that faces Rose is the option to repair his meniscus or have it removed.  Removing the torn meniscus would allow for a quicker recovery period, but has been known to cause more problems down the line.  When asked what his preference was, Rose responded, “I’m thinking of having everything under my neck removed completely. That should prevent further injury, although neck strains may still keep me on the bench, just for the record.”

Full details of the deal have yet to be released, although sources suggest there may be a 5 suit signing bonus.

(UPDATE: With Rose electing to have surgery on his meniscus and knocking him out yet another season, the bench and Rose have begun negotiating a potential long-term contract. Rose is reportedly considering a full time conversion to cheerleader, feeling it’s just safer at this point, and wants to lock up the bench long term. He spent a lot of time forging the ass groove in it last year, and in his first time back in it this year put up a quadruple-double: These negotiations will be very critical for Rose’s future with the Bulls. Stay tuned.)

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