GIF: Sam Bradford does not like analyzing


It was a rough night on Thursday for the Rams and former number 1 pick Sam Bradford (not first round, #1. Overall. In the entire draft. Seriously. Hence why the first overall pick stopped getting paid so much. Would you want to give him a bajillion dollars? Exactly.). The 49ers had half their roster miss the game on a short week (the guys they had miss the game could probably beat the Jaguars by themselves) and still knocked the Rams all over their own field.

Sam took to the bench in the 2nd quarter for a little playbook picture review session, and much like Rams fans and anyone that the misfortune of watching all of Thursday Night Football…didn’t really like what he saw:


(GIF via @rBluesCardsRams)

Bradford: “Man I gotta read and analyze all this? Screw this. I wonder if McDonalds is hiring?”

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  1. cooljames


    People who wasted their time watching that loserfest will never get that time back.

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