REPORT: Jets doctors fear the worst with Mark Sanchez- He’s fine


The Jets could not catch a break last year. Darrelle Revis whined and got hurt yet again, Santonio Holmes got hurt, Tim Tebow was on the roster, Mark Sanchez invented a new type of fumble, and they lost game after game. It appears their bad luck has continued early in 2013 at training camp. A report out of New York says that team doctors fear the worst possible scenario with Mark Sanchez: that he’s perfectly 100% healthy and able to play this year. Just an absolute nightmare scenario for the team.

“It’s worse than we even imagined,” the Jets team doctor said. “I can’t find a single thing wrong with Mark. Not one. His arm is fine, his head is amazingly fine when we thought sure he had suffered brain damage last year, his feet are fine, his face still has Brandon Moore’s ass imprinted on it but it’s fine, everything is fine. I just can’t believe it. Normally I wouldn’t say this, but I think he needs a second opinion. There has to be SOMETHING wrong with this man. I’ve never seen anyone so amazingly healthy.”

The words just break your heart as you hear them. Imagine being in the doctor’s shoes. The Jets doctor continued, “I usually like to share grim news with my patients face to face but I’m not sure I have it in me to walk in and tell the Jets that Mark is 100% healthy and ready to go. They’ll be crushed. I’ll probably have to call in a specialist or an intern to deliver this kind of news.” Now you know, devastating news like this is something even doctors aren’t prepared for. It’s one of the saddest stories of the year.

If Mark Sanchez really is fine, it’s a major blow to their chances of making the playoffs in 2013. Rex Ryan on the report that Sanchez is fine: “We appreciate the love and support from the community and our fans. It’s surprising that they’d stay loyal through such awful news like this. Maybe we’ll get some better news from the second opinion. They’re bound to find a cut, scrape, bruise, hangnail, an ingrown hair, something that will keep him from playing. They’ve just got to. We’ll see. We’re hoping for the best.”

Just when you think a team can turn a corner in a new year in the NFL, something like this happens. Football really is a brutal, brutal sport.


  1. Revis24


    Not a bad news,welcome Geno

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