GIF: Everyone loves Mark Sanchez (except Jets fans)


For most NFL fans, Mark Sanchez is a gift. One to treasure. Because he provides hours and hours of entertainment. And turns Jets fans into alcoholics with every single pass. No other QB has that kind of ability, it’s a special talent you really can’t teach, mostly because it’s difficult to actually be that bad. Most couldn’t be that bad if they tried to be that bad.

On Friday, it was once again on display, as Mark Sanchez went back to throw his third pass…and wound up with this work of art. It looked like a pass that you’d yell, scream and throw things at the TV if it happened, blaming everyone and everything but yourself:


It’s only the pre-season and he’s already doing this? ¬†This year’s going to be great. You know Rex Ryan will never bench him, it’s like he doesn’t even care that he’s going to get fired and just wants to join in on the fun.

Can he top this from last year? (you know what ‘s coming) If he can, just put him in the Hall now as a “Hall of Fame blooper reel.”



Again, everyone loves Mark Sanchez. (except Jets fans)

(GIFs via @sbnation)



  1. Eomede07


    Way too funny

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