Mark Sanchez reportedly completes pass to offensive teammate


After the previous news was confirmed by doctors that the worst would be in fact true for the Jets, Mark Sanchez was 100% completely healthy (, they’re trying to make the best of things. Today, something amazing has reportedly happened. Mark Sanchez supposedly completed a pass to one of his offensive teammates. Now these are unconfirmed reports, but if this is true, this is a major, groundbreaking development for the Jets offense.

According to a source, the recipient of the pass was Braylon Edwards, his former and now current once again WR, which makes it even more stunning because Braylon Edwards actually caught a pass. Braylon was reportedly in disbelief when he did. He just stood there looking at his hands thinking “how did this happen? Am I dreaming?” Unfortunately, he was so caught up in the moment that he forgot he was still in play, and he fumbled after getting leveled by Dawan Landry, and it was recovered by the defense.

Even when things go right for the Jets, they still go horribly wrong. But if this report is true, this brings a whole new dynamic to the Jets offense. Mark Sanchez’ options last year were: handoff, complete pass to opposing team, stand in pocket holding ball until getting pummeled by opposing player, run around like a chicken with its’ head cut off until getting pummeled by opposing player, run into offensive lineman’s ass. Now add “complete pass to his own team” to that. Defenses will never see it coming.

It’ll be just like the wildcat when it was initially used by Miami. It could be just a fad like the wildcat, if it’s even true at all. But if it is true, it won’t be long before Rex Ryan is making crazy predictions like “We’re going 19-0 this year” and “Mark’s going to complete 5 passes to our team on Sunday.” And hey, it’s a little teeny tiny ever so small glimmer of hope. That’s all Jets fans ask for.



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