GIF: Sean Lee: you got JACKED UP!


The Cowboys were all excited to get Sean Lee back from injury and maybe only allow 35 first downs instead of their usual 40. He returned for their matchup with the Bears, in a cold as a witch’s titty Chicago.

In the 2nd quarter Josh McCown took a snap and didn’t see something he liked (rare against the Dallas defense) and took off running.

Sean Lee went chasing after McCown not realizing what he was about to taste.

Blood. And Brandon Marshall:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Yikes. That’s what you get for trying hard for the Cowboys in December Sean, you know they don’t do that.

Naturally the best hit by the Bears all game c0mes from one of their wide receivers. Remember when this was a defensive team?

Great physical football play by Brandon Marshall, so you know what’s probably a coming: a pretty major fine. Roger Goodell don’t care.

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  1. ballsdeep


    Sean Lee is the weakest and most un-intimidating linebacker!

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