REPORT: Despite losing, LSU to move up in polls


Georgia and LSU played quite a shootout with Georgia winning 44-41, showing off that “vaunted” SEC Defense, and leading to yet another SEC QB (Zach Mettenberger) crying (for such a “grown man” conference they sure do a lot of crying.). As expected for beating an SEC team, Georgia will likely move up in the polls, probably passing some undefeated teams in the process despite having one loss. But, according to a report, so will LSU. Why? They lost to an SEC team. Duh…of course! SEC! SEC! SEC!

“An SEC team losing to an SEC team really isn’t a loss, it’s more like a win,” said an anonymous poll voter. “We’re actually talking with the NCAA about making games between SEC teams count as wins for both sides. This will be more fair for everyone. Plus that way it’ll be less embarrassing when 2 loss SEC teams make the 4 team playoff over undefeated teams, there will just be 4 undefeated SEC teams in the playoff. Nobody can argue that.” Except the members of every other conference, but the NCAA doesn’t care about them.

The pollster continued explaining how hard it is to vote every week. “14 SEC teams, it’s so hard to decide who to place where. I’d put all 14 of them at number 1 and the rest at “who cares” if I could, but they won’t let me do that. Plus we’ve been told to “try” to give some credit to some other teams. Why? Why does everyone need some credit? Just deal with the fact that everyone in the SEC is better than you. We don’t give away participation trophies. You want some credit, move to the SEC. Texas A&M did, now look at them.”

If every team in college football moved to the SEC, they could take credit for everything and SEC teams would win everything every year. That’s just the way the NCAA and SEC fans like it.

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