World Series Preview


The 2013 World Series is upon us. It’s the Cardinal Way versus the Red Sox pay.  The birds versus the beards.  The American League’s “Hillbilly Jim” versus the National League’s “Polly Prissy Pants”. Boston holds home field advantage thanks to July’s All Star Game at Citi Field in New York when the American League won behind the pitch….
Sorry. Dozed off just thinking about that game. Anyway, it’s time for NOTSportsCenter’s 1st annual World Series preview.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at some ancillary aspects of each organization:



The Cardinals’ Mike Matheny and the Red Sox’ John Farrell are pretty much just nobodies charged with overlooking very talented teams. ADVANTAGE: Push.



The Red Sox could potentially be the ugliest collection of players to win a World Series. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have Yadier Molina. ADVANTAGE: Also a push.



Fenway Park allows for Red Sox fans to sit atop the Green Monster and look down on opposing players. Busch Stadium allows Cardinals fans to sit atop of their pedestals and look down upon all other fans. ADVANTAGE: Another push.

No obvious advantages there. So, in a series featuring teams with two of the most insufferable fan bases in all of sports, which team will prevail and makes their fans completely unbearable? We break it down game-by-game to give you our prediction.

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