NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


Often on twitter people take crap for no real reason. NOTSportsCenter is certainly on the list. Most grasp the concept that all of this is in good fun and nobody “hates” any teams or people. (or as we like to say, we hate everyone) Some do not and get a little…emotional. Often they’re really funny at how badly misspelled they are. Often other people crack on these people. Since they can often be quite funny, we’ve decided to give you a look inside our mentions on twitter/facebook, and do a little firing back of our own.


(UPDATE: “Someone’s An Idiot” is what “YoursAIdiot” used to be. We have a twitter account for it @SomeonesAnIdiot, where we mock funny screwups and dumb comments from sports and pop culture that people send us (feel free to mention @SomeonesAnIdiot with any funny stupid stuff you see and we’ll credit you), and when this returns regularly, our @NOTSportsCenter mentions will get mocked as well.)


If you haven’t seen this before, here’s the archive from April-June 2013 when this was Your A Idiot and then Yours A Idiot when the twitter account came along. This is what will be coming soon.

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These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter tweets from Thursday June 20 and Friday June 21.

First, let’s play guess who this guy is a fan of:


You probably said “Heat” right? WRONG. This was to a Tracy McGrady tweet. Apparently TMac fans are secretly fans of Jason Collins too.

Next, we have a question:


Did you really ask that to a parody page? #stupid

We said TMac was going to move to South Africa to be a champion. This guy has a comment on that.


Oh they know better? You’ve been there and polled them all? It’s a joke, dumbass. Bye.

We put up the picture of the two female Heat fans kissing and told the Heat to “celebrate their title right.”  Got some comments to it:


Note how that’s from a guy, with the number 69 in his name. No words.



Kissing each other? They’re sisters and sluts, not inbred sisters. Or maybe they will be at some point to promote another reality show. Who knows.

These next two weren’t mentions mad about something, but they were too funny not to include.

First, this guy responded to our saying the Spurs looked like they were being coached by Mike D’Antoni with how they left LeBron so open:


No, no we don’t. Funny.

Next, this guy has something for Chris Bosh:


Two days later, still no luck yet. Maybe he’ll get one sometime soon.

Our last bitter Miami fan for a while (until they make news):


It feels fine. We’ll continue to make jokes about everybody, you can continue to whine about it, we’ll continue to mock you here.

To further the point of how we “hate” the Heat so much, we said this:


But keep whining Heat fans. It’s what (some) of you do best. Too bad you can’t get paid to do that eh? Would be a lot easier for you than that “school” thing.

Finally, now that we’re on Facebook, we can do YAI live:


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