NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Friday May 17- Sunday May 19.

Before we begin, a guy has an observation about our followers:


Yes, yes they do. And they’re the reason this page exists. So thank you crazy people.

Next, someone wants to thank us. (And read the tweet he responded to)


You dodged a bullet…for now. WE’LL BE BACK. #NOTSCTerminator

Based on that tweet he responded, we have a thought:


Actually @NOTSCCleveland was the first NOTSC spin off account ever made, so yes, yes they do. (The guy that writes it now isn’t a NOTSC writer, but he’s a funny guy if you want to check him out)

Next we have yet another guess about our fandom:


A few days ago we were Bulls fans, before that Heat fans. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE.

Iman Shumpert was doing work on Saturday which led to an obvious Derrick Rose comparison. And:


You mean like her?


You killed a horse? That’s just wrong. For shame.

On Sunday the Grizzlies were trailing big early, and we said they were on pace to get swept before they knew the series started. Naturally it went over well in Memphis:


Since you know it’s a fake account but said it anyway, we’ll pile on. 6 what? Months? Years? Centuries? Gonna have to do a little better than losing by 22 to make that happen.


The classic 2nd grade insult. Good one.

This guy…well…


They have a “knack” for choking? No, they have a “knack” for titles. 4 of them since 1999. Who’s the new one to the NBA here?

On Sunday night we tweeted a collage of Carrie Underwood in honor of #SNF…one guy had a correction to make:


Except how it’s Carrie Underwood’s job now. #Fail #YoursAIdiot

Finally, we’ll close with pure irrational hatred from a Knicks fan:


You kiss your mother with that mouth? Oh you probably haven’t kissed anyone…sorry.

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