NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were responses to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Wednesday May 15.

We tweeted a fake quote from David Stern taunting Seattle about the Kings. Seattle guy was not happy:


We were actually mocking Stern, not Seattle, but get it out. Just cry all those tears. It’ll make you feel better. (And add to this page)

Next we turn to the Memphis Grizzlies section. Fans often don’t like when we joke that they’re next in line to lose to (insert team here). Memphis was in that bunch:


Don’t doubt our completely made up sources. They are NEVER wrong.

This next guy has a sick thought about the Western Conference Finals:


What if San Antonio’s into some nasty stuff like that though? They’re old, they’re probably used to having sh…okay that’s gone far enough.

This guy re-hashed a classic “insult”:


It’s more of a compliment to be told we aren’t SportsCenter. We emphasize the NOT for a reason. Thank you! Very sweet of you.



How dare we joke that the higher ranked team will beat the lower ranked team! SO BIAS THO.

We close the Grizzlies section and move on to a favorite group of everyone’s: The Heat. Heat + mocking = hilarity. Always.


We told you last night: it’s HATE, not jealousy. Or they’re jokes. Don’t you people listen? Geez.

This guy is #198398329389 to have our fandom “pegged”:


Funny, last week when we were making fun of the Bulls we were clearly Heat fans. Can’t you make up your mind?

This guy might as well have the handle @TypicalMiamiHeatFan:


“Your A Heat Hater” could’ve been a great name for this page. Damn. Oh well.

This guy tries the “your NOT SportsCenter” insult and creates greatness:


She knows more knowledge? She should talk you some more words then. You could use a refresher.

Finally we have this girl…


Uh……sure? Clearly Heat fans and the English language do not mix.


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