NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets are responses to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Tuesday, May 14.

When Andrew Wiggins signs with Kansas we said it sets them up for another spectacular choke job in the tournament. And Jayhawks fans were MADDDDDDDDD.


You used #swag in a tweet. You’ve already lost.

This next one comes up quite a bit:


Not jealous. HATE. Or, you know, jokes. Whichever makes more sense to you.

Next we have a prediction:


With what? What are you serving? We like hot sauce. Get on it.




Next we have a long conversation between two people, we included most of it:


They’ve also lost in the 1st round twice in the past decade to seeds in the teens, lost in the 2nd round to a 9 seed, lost to VCU, blew a big lead to Michigan late. Enjoy your 600 followers.


Oh, so losing to VCU is okay because they advanced and Kansas didn’t? Sure.


They’ve also choked 5 times that were named. But you probably won’t mention that.


And “good” teams never consistently blow it. They’re just “unlucky.”


Does anyone think a bad team chokes when they lose to a team they’re supposed to lose to? Anyone? HELLO? ……………Okay then.

Moving on to others:


How often has Duke choked by comparison? Lehigh and………….who? Oops.

Next, this guy thinks calling them chokers is a “compliment.”


No, if Kansas loses to heavy underdogs or blows big leads people consider it choking. But thanks for playing.

This guy…well…


Yeah you are. Chokes on Chokes on Chokes.

Finally we have a guy that admits it but is still defiant:


There you go Grammar nuts. That one was for you. “To bad” there weren’t more than that.

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