NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Tuesday May 7 and Wednesday May 8

Been a while since we checked in with the #GrammarCorrectionSquad, let’s see what they’ve got to say:


Damn. They are just relentless, aren’t they?

Next we found someone that has a request before he follows us:


And almost immediately, reality hits:


Nope…but you made it here. Congrats?

The next tweet isn’t very interesting, except it’s in response to a tweet about Tracy McGrady always cherishing the memories of the garbage time he played in:0509idiot4

A Tracy McGrady fan? How retro.

Next we tweeted something about the Spurs screamer possibly being shot after she didn’t show up for Game 2 and got this response:


Uh we “promise” not to forward this to the cops. But you might wanna lawyer up.

TheNBAonNOTSC said Curry and Klay Thompson could beat God and Jesus in Beer Pong. Then this response came:


Yes, yes we are. The best part of this response was this guy’s background, we encourage you to check it out.

Next we have a comment on LeBron:


4 time MVP, NBA Champion, 9 time All star, 6 time NBA first team, 4 time Defensive First team, Scoring champ, etc. God he’s horrible.

A follower has a question that gets asked a lot:


No…didn’t you see the response to that guy’s tweet? Oh…you have to read this first, right. Besides we hate every team, remember? Go look here:

We tweeted that the refs were keeping the Mami/Chicago game under control by T’ing up a Bull anytime it got close. A Bulls fan had a comment:0509idiot8

How dare we write a joke to help you feel better about the beat down you took in Game 2. That’s just awful.

A follower has an interesting response to calling Joakim Noah a girl:


Uh…these may be the only 3 people that believe this. But it still doesn’t change that he looks like a girl.

This next guy contradicts himself midtweet:


So they’re reffing like any other game, just not like any other Bulls game? Or something. Who knows what he really meant.

Finally…we have this guy:


Okay. Fact: This is a humor account/site. Fact: Not everything you see is true. Fact: you ain’t so bright. That work for you?

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