NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Thursday, April 26 – Sunday April 29

We always enjoy references to the page…here were a couple of good ones by some notable parodies:


Idiots…idiots everywhere!

Next, as we often tend to do…we’ve blown someone’s mind:


It’s not EVERY one, but yeah. It’s fun. Especially to see the people that think we “predicted” the news.

This guy has another theory. And then all hell breaks loose:





It actually goes on further if you’d like to seek out this conversation. Too funny.

This is a draft themed YAI, but a certain team can’t help but make an appearance:


Yes, everything. Especially the whole weekend of NFL Draft tweets. All directed at hating the Heat.

Not all fans flip out when we joke about their team, some are like this guy:


Nice to see those with a sense of humor.

Alright enough sap…bring on the blood. First a reminder: the #GrammarCorrectionSquad is always lurking:


had to….. *Yours A Idiot. HA!

Next, we have a question:


Nope. We especially don’t like the one you’re a fan of. HATE that guy.

Next this guy tries to make some sort of point and fails miserably:


If you mean this mention is what a joke LOOKS like, then you’d be correct. It’s way funnier than our tweets.

When Manti Te’o got drafted we made one last fake girlfriend joke, and apparently the fake girlfriends have human rights groups? We offended these people:0427idiot14

Nice response to her Amber. More:


Hopefully Matt is being sarcastic, but god only know with these others. And they weren’t the only ones.

Tyrann Mathieu got drafted by Arizona and we said he was crying because he had to play there. One guy found a bright side for him…sort of:0427idiot3

Uh…sure he does. He’ll probably demand a trade there and play there 8 times a year (or 16 by this guy’s logic).

Next, the Cowboys. America’s team…we make fun of them taking a center  in the first round over noteworthy players and…well…


Nope. Who are the Cowboys? They’re Oklahoma’s basketball team right? But they don’t need a Center they need a PG with Westbrook out? SO CONFUSED.

Tyrann Mathieu was one of the players mentioned in this tweet, and well this girl didn’t like it:


Then she corrected her mistake:


Well one of them, at least. Maybe she still thinks the Cowboys actually took Mathieu. Someone should ask her.

Finally we have this guy:


Drive off a bridge and then what? COME ON YOU’RE LEAVING US HANGING WITH THE COMMA HERE.

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