NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets from Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday June 5.

On Wednesday we tweeted a reminder of how we hate all teams, including our NFL/NBA/MLB slideshows that show that. Take a guess which fan base took exception to it.


If we’re so not funny, why are you following? Or is that too deep of a question for a Heat fan to figure out?

One more Heat fan before we move on to something else:


What makes us feel better is making people laugh and making fun of people who do stupid things. Or are stupid. Luckily for you, you qualify for both. Nicely done!

On Tuesday we had a website story with Ohio State’s retiring president issuing an apology statement. Here was our favorite reaction:


He absolutely meant every word. He’s going to help those illiterate rednecks in the SEC. He’s determined to help them read “Go Dog Go.” (If you missed it, read it here:

Next we move into a tweet from NOTSCNFL about how the Cowboys were taking playcalling away from Jason Garrett to find new creative ways for Tony Romo to turn the ball over:


LEAVE TONY ALONE!!! I’M SERIOUS!!!! Looks like we’ve got the new Chris Crocker here. Okay bud. We’ll leave him alone…for now. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

More Romo reactions:


Not sure how the Cowboys defense has anything to do with a tweet about their playcalling but odds are they’d be a little better if Romo didn’t force them on the field every 10 seconds. Or if DeMarco Murray wouldn’t miss 6-8 months every time he gets a paper cut. Either or.

Here’s a view from the other side of Tony Romo:


Touche. Touche.

Wednesday night we tweeted that Brittney Griner modeling male clothing was becoming the 2nd to model cross-gender clothing, after Dwyane Wade, who modeled female clothing. A few followers had a point:


That’s true, or perhaps:


Pretty much. It’s a joke tweet involving Wade. Without the explanation we’d get “Wade doesn’t model cross-gender clothing durrrrrrrrr” from angry Heat fans. Kinda surprised we didn’t anyway.

Another follower had a good point as well:


That’s a good point too. So third then. Or 4th if you consider Westbrook (a couple suggested that).

Finally, we have the most obnoxious comment our website has received yet:


“Mabey” you have the greatest spelling ever. Mabey.

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