NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter tweets on Tuesday, April 23.

The more “Your A Idiot” gets read, the more people try to say something screwed up and stupid to get featured on here. But now, we’ve got people correcting the people screwing up on purpose. The #GrammarCorrectionSquad is relentless. The whole conversation is in the next two pictures:



Hilarious. Next…well, read this guy’s response and look at what tweet he responded to:


Oh yeah? Well we have no idea what the hell you’re talking about! So there.

Next, these are responses to tweeting that the Bobcats fired Mike Dunlap thinks he was the problem, not their Conference USA caliber roster:0423idiot7

What about the rest of the roster? You don’t think Memphis has 3 decent guys too? Shut up.

Next, this guy…well…..


That’s right, they’re not. They’re in the Missouri Valley Conference, right? Duh.

Next this guy didn’t like Mike Brown’s track record being pointed out:


“Multiple reasons”? Can’t you say something a little more profane and more interesting than that? Come on.

Finally, this guy is not in as an idiot, but the Jaguars fans might think he is for being so honest:



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