NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were all in response to this NOTSportsCenter tweet on Monday April 22:


Real power rankings bring out heated responses, so you know fake power rankings will. A follower put it best:


We can’t waitro either. Let’s go to the tape.

First, despite that Alabama was ahead of 3 pro teams and the Chicago YMCA was ahead of the Jets, many focused on the Top 3:


Alex apparently asked a question that Dusty answered. Or something.

We continue the Focus on the top 3 with the Patriots:


No matter where the Patriots go, it’s wrong. Even if it’s #1 (Patriots fans will want them higher than that)

Next let’s focus on who was left out of the Top 3:


Again, this wasn’t even the point of the tweet but for the sake of riling people up: shouldn’t these two win more than the one playoff game combined (that RG3 got hurt in) than they did last year?

The next guy…well……


Again, the Top 3 isn’t the point. But nobody’s putting the Ravens in any Top 3 bud. They’re barely in the Top 3 of the AFC North. Sorry.

Next we have comments on Alabama:


They probably wouldn’t, hence why it’s called a “joke”? And this is a paro…never mind.

Next we have one of the few people that noticed something interesting about the numbers:


It could be a math error, or we could have some random team like Boise State ahead of Alabama just for the fun of it. For giggles sake we’ll say its Boise State. Also, this was the only Jet fan bothered by this tweet. Quite surprising. Well maybe not.

Next we move into the confused fan section:


We weren’t talking about the Bears, although when Cutler goes down that’s typically where they end up.

Two words describe these next two: “CLEVELAND ROCKS!”


Uh…..sure they did.


Only listed 8 teams out of 977, but sure…”they didn’t make the list.”

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