NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter/NOTSC account tweets on Saturday April 20 and Sunday April 21.

Before we begin, we have a question:


Luckily there are plenty of idiots on twitter. Tons everyday. But now we have to find the real idiots and not the fake idiots that just want to be on here.

Like this guy:


Well you didn’t even have to do it, and here you are. Congrats haha.

Next we have an anal observation of the non-grammar variety (the tweet is attached so you can see)


Actually, it’s both. Google “Brooklyn Nets Stadium” and you’ll see “Barclays Center, Brooklyn Nets Arena/Stadium.” So HA!

Saturday night NOTSC tweeted reminding Laker fans of the vetoed Chris Paul trade. So you know what’s coming.

A Laker fan asks do something gross:


That’s nasty, we’re not trying to catch anything. And if your ass really is purple, you should probably see a doctor.

Next, there’s this guy:


No, we’re not parodying SportsCenter THAT intensely. There’s plenty of things mocking the Heat on this website and on twitter. Go find them.

Next we’re changing it up and including some mentions our single sport accounts got.

TheNBAonNOTSC (our all NBA twitter account/writer) tweeted Sunday night that the Rockets looked like their best player wouldn’t even start on the Thunder.

So naturally, it got responses like this:


That was the point?

And this (make sure to read the whole conversation that was included)


Not sure what golfwang is, but that’s hilarious. Nice.


These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter tweets on Friday, April 19 and Saturday April 20.

You know drinking and tweeting never mixes. Or this could happen:


You made it Nick, you made it. You could at least share the booze.

Next we have two responses from people who made previous appearances on here.

This guy said Boston Police did nothing, the FBI did it all. We told him to say it to their face. His response?


Riiiiiiiiiiiight. And you’ll be starting for the Celtics too no doubt? Good luck with that.

Next, this one made a previous appearance with the Ohio State group who didn’t like being called champions of nothing because they won their division:0420idiot3

Hey Elika: you can’t be writing intelligent responses and using words like repertoire, you’re gonna make half of twitter’s heads explode trying to understand it. You’re supposed to just say “God your so stupid your tweets sucks.” Or something like that. All good though.

Next, a girl makes an observation about Your A Idiot.


You mean like this guy Abby?


You tried to correct something that was wrong on purpose, and now you’re on here. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? It’s like ra….(okay that’s enough)

Or this guy Abby? (note his spelling)


Grammar. With two A’s. #SpellingNazi

Or this guy Abby?


Enough people have read this now, they’re starting to respond to people like that. Like this guy:


Or this guy:


THE FIRST META JOKE! You win a big pile of nothing! Congrats!

And finally, the best for last:


Twitter’s gonna sue us because we “stole” our mentions from someone else? That should be a fun day in court. Everyone’s invited if that happens.

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