NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot



These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter tweets from Monday April 15 and Tuesday April 16:

Monday morning NOTSC tweeted that Nerlens Noel declared for the NBA because Kentucky wanted him to take a pay cut.

One guy saw the future coming:


You’re right, Case. It’s not many, but see below:


Apparently we wrote a joke about Nerlens Noel at Kentucky last year when he was in high school. Wow, that’s embarrassing. Oops.

Monday afternoon brought the horrific events in Boston and a NOTSC follower said something stupid that he apparently deleted because a bunch of our followers chewed him out:




Nice job, guys. Next is either the proudest  or most embarrassing moment in NOTSC history. Or both:


Fun. Next was a response to Tuesday’s tweet about all the stats “Number 42″ piled up on Monday:


Not really sure how that’s disrespecting anyone, but the fact that this guy’s background is Marshawn Lynch holding his nuts makes it that much funnier.

Next, we get into the guys that don’t understand the concept of a “parody” or the all capital NOT at the front of our name:


Would our completely made up unnamed sources LIE?!?!?!?!?! That question answers itself.

Finally, we get a response (to the tweet that the Spurs forfeited the first round and were eliminated by signing McGrady) that is early candidate for “Your A Idiot” of the year:


Exactly. A good team never forfeits. GOD.

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