NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to NOTSportsCenter tweets from Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13:

NOTSC tweeted that Your A Idiot was Ohio State themed, so let’s check in with them one more time:


Turns out yes, you can. Amazing, huh? This next guy has thought about his own fanbase:


Or we might be with this page. One of the two. This next tweet was in response to a tweet about Tiger Woods having his own rules. See if you can decode it:0413idiot3

Heavy. Now for the “Your A Idiot” lesson of the day. Did you know there are 3 different ways to spell Derrick Rose’s name? Check it out:



Good ‘ol twitter always teaches you something. Next let’s check back in with the #GrammarCorrectionSquad:


And the title is “Your A Idiot.” Not an. Get our intentional bad grammar right, would you? One more tweet from the squad:


Mr. Darth Cobra got a response from someone else on his tweet:


NOTSC endorses two things from that tweet: 1. Encouraging to read the article, 2. The use of “your.” Fits perfectly on the page, thank you.

Next looks like somebody found who this page was looking for:


If that’s really true, we’ll have to interview ghaffe77.

These next two tweets are all valid questions/points about NOTSC’s followers.


All of the above, gentlemen. All of the above. Our follower’s heads make for great pools. Could use a hot tub though.

Next we move into the reactions to the story tweet that Tianlang Guan was penalized because he made Nikes between shots:





Apparently making fun of a company that uses child sweatshot labor is horrible, not the company itself. Got it. If they thought that was bad, just imagine their reactions to seeing this tweet:


Priceless. Congrats Sergio, you win.

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