NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot



These tweets were in response to a @NOTSportsCenter tweet on Friday April 12 saying Ohio State’s 12-0 rings had “Champions of Nothing” engraved in the inside.

A few Ohio State people wanted to make something clear:





Their message may have not been clear, but it seems Ohio State won their division. Everyone knows you get big flashy Super Bowl-esque rings for winning your division. GOD. How could we be so dumb? And the two people referring to Mark May: the only place you’re going to see him with NOTSC is likely on this very page.

This next tweet was a classic response. Bravo Cole.


Naturally when one team gets tweeted about, it must be because we’re fans of their rivals:


What gave it away Pat? The constant mocking of Denard Robinson including a GIF of his awful Tigers first pitch on this very website? That must be it.

Occasionally some people actually take our joking about their teams in stride.


Bravo Ryan. This next tweet goes into some “tree falling in the woods” type analysis of the tweet:


Or perhaps it was written specifically with this situation in mind? Nah couldn’t be that. The next tweet was from someone who saw the loads of responses coming:


There are certain teams that get a lot of reaction, seems Ohio State falls in that category. If you’re an Ohio State fan still mad: again, there’s a whole article mocking Denard Robinson on this very website. Go find it and enjoy.

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