NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Tuesday night April 9, some on April 10.

These tweets were in response to the NOTSC tweet out of the debut of this page. Say hello to the #GrammarCorrectionSquad that didn’t bother actually opening the article to see that the bad grammar was on purpose. They know grammar but can’t read. That’s actually impressive.

idiot1 idiot2 idiot3 idiot4 idiot5 idiot6 idiot7

One guy almost got it but he still couldn’t help himself. So close!


This next tweet was in response to a tweet about LeBron, Wade, and Bosh being out but their star players (the refs) still playing. Apparently only two other fan bases actually “hate” the Heat. Did you know that? And it may not even be the two you think. Check it out:


A lot of times NOTSportsCenter tweets cause debates to break out in our mentions. One guy decided to fire back at Sam:


The Heat usually get everybody all riled up, so there will be plenty more of this to come during the playoffs.

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