NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


The following tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Monday night April 8, some on April 9.

This tweet was not a reply to anything in particular. Who doesn’t love a good random “bitch” mention?



These two tweets were in response to “Foul on Trey Burke for embarrassing Peyton Siva.” Apparently the fact that Louisville won means that play never happened? Interesting logic, Peyton Siva probably wishes it worked that way.



This tweet was in response to our suggestion that Robert Morris beating Kentucky highlights should’ve been in One Shining Moment. Again apparently having won a championship is the answer to anything bad that ever happens. Team goes 0-27…YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR BANNERS DOE?



This…colorful tweet in response to the Trey Burke foul tweet was from a delightful young lady that well…needs help. Or was a Peyton Siva fan. Or both. Definitely #1 though.




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