NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Wednesday May 22.

First, Heat fan has a question:


Yes, when LeBron flops 10 feet when people half his size graze his arm, he’s weak. Also, for the record, nobody here has claimed to be sober.

More questions:


We’d ask you and the 2 people that RTed that the same question, but we already know the answer.

Now we move into the sensitive Chris Bosh fan portion of YAI:


Blocking someone on twitter is tougher than anything Chris Bosh has ever done. Very impressive.’

Next, we have some confusion:


Oh it’s the real one, just ignore the giant NOT in the front and on the logo and that it’s an old SC logo. And that it says NOT all over this website. All mistakes. Trust us.

Next, this guy has thoughts about Norris Cole that…well….


Should we pass your number on to Jason Collins now or would you like to play hard to get? Up to you.

More Heat fun:


Technically they’re fake ass tweets. So they’re real fake ass tweets. Or something.

If you noted the tweet he responded to, this guy has a comment about it:


PHEW. We have ahhhhhh chit!’s approval. Thank god. We can continue.

Speaking of continuing, this guy comes at that LeBron tweet from another angle:


You really think Stern would let LeBron be arrested? Come on now.

Next we said Vogel resigned out of the shame of being outcoached by Spoelstra. Heat fan has a thought:


HE TRIED SO HARD DOE. And no, there’s not shame in being outcoached by Spoelstra, if your coach is a blind monkey. Odds are the monkey would still win though.

Finally, we have…this guy:


Uh thanks? Yeah…thanks. We think. Maybe.

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