NOTSportsCenter Presents: Someone’s An Idiot


These tweets were in response to @NOTSportsCenter tweets on Tuesday May 21 and Wednesday May 22.

Heat fan has a theory about the Durant/LeBron tweet from Tuesday:


Right, you caught us. We’ve actually been promising free iPads for every RT. We’re that desperate.

Next we have an interesting question from a Heat fan:


We weren’t aware our asses knew stuff. We’ll have to ask them some questions, like why do they hate (insert team) so much?

This guy disagrees with a TheNBAOnNOTSC tweet, sort of:


Kind of? Otherwise hilarious? Well that’s not much fun now is it? Or is it? #confusing

Next we had a horrible incident happen on Tuesday night:


Our condolences. RIP.

Typically it’s the fans of the team featured in the tweet that get upset. Not always. This tweet about the Bobcats:


Uh…yeah. Sorry for not including Minnesota in a tweet just about the Bobcats. We’ll make sure to never do that again.

Sometimes we get grades on tweets:


But as long as we get a 9.8 from the Russian judge, we’re good right?

Sometimes people get offended for really stupid reasons. Or pretend to be offended. Here’s a guy’s thoughts on Grizzlies G Jerryd Bayless:


Being bald is a race now? Or is it being baldcist? Hmmmmm sounds like a topic a certain show could debate. #EmbraceDebate

On Wednesday night LeBron’s flopping was on display yet again. We said he either flops a lot or is the weakest 6’8 260 pound man in the world. You know that went over well:


Nope. Most people don’t fly 5 feet when they’re lightly touched. LeBron’s flopping ability is a special talent you just can’t teach.

More LeBron thoughts:


Sure. We’d say it and he’d fall over looking for a foul call. Who wouldn’t want to see that?



You’re right. Again, that flopping ability is something you just can’t teach. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that kind of talent?

Finally, another follower tells him there could be another theory:


Hilarious. Case closed.

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