SOURCES: Joey Crawford may leave LeBron for Paul George


For much of March and April, it appeared that Evan Turner had given the rest of the Pacers “Sixer disease” after coming over at the trade deadline from Philadelphia. They had forgotten what a basketball was actually for, and no matter what they did…they lost. Team officials were terrified, especially after the team somehow lost on a day off. Fans even turned to craiglist to try and find some of the team’s talent that seemed to have just disappeared (

Then suddenly Frank Vogel found the cure: “I benched their sorry asses,” said Vogel, who benched his entire starting 5 against the Bucks. It cured everyone…except for Roy Hibbert, who has been outrebounded by thousands of women across the country in the past month who simply tried to throw trash away, missed, and picked it back up. “I’m going to give one of these women a call,” said Vogel. “It would be nice to have some actual toughness underneath. Roy is softer than my pillows.”


Look at all the basketballs…looks like Vogel’s pillows get more rebounds than Hibbert too

But according to sources, they may not even have to worry about their 7’3 center who plays like he’s 3’7. There’s been trouble in what has been considered NBA paradise. Joey Crawford isn’t happy with LeBron and hasn’t been since Stern retired. Sources say Crawford is tired of not getting the credit he deserves in LeBron MVP and championship runs over the past two years and is ready to move on. He’s told LeBron he “can’t be with a man who doesn’t have a 1 seed.” He needs a 1 seed.

Enter Paul George. While he’s been awful lately, he’s now got that elusive 1 seed. And that’s all Crawford needs to do his thing. Sources say Crawford thinks he can teach George the tricks of the trade (aka call whatever George wants and call fouls on anyone who enters George’s zip code) and have a new, younger version of LeBron, minus the 2K type freak athleticism that LeBron has.  All he needs is home court and his whistle, and if he moves on to George…he’ll have both. Joey does have a fickle heart.

NBA Finals Game 3:  Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic

Joey and one of his former beaus

But he still can’t decide. “His heart is with Stern, his first true love,” a source close to Crawford said. “He doesn’t want to do anything to hurt him.” So Joey’s got a tough decision ahead: dare he leave the MVP for someone new? It’s certainly what the MVP trophy will be doing.


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