Sources: LeBron James Furious With Tim Duncan


According to sources, Lebron James was very agitated with the Spurs for being too rough on him last night, even though he didn’t even play in the game. “These just aren’t basketball plays,” Lebron said. “Let me collect my thoughts before I say this – for example, I saw Manu Ginobli before the game and the guy gave me a head nod from across the hallway. A head nod! That’s gotta be a technical foul or something.”

Before the game, coach Erik Spoelstra decided to rest Dwyane Wade and Lebron James for their matchup with the Spurs. Many believe this decision was a form of payback, referencing the first Heat/Spurs contest back in November when Gregg Popovich rested all of his stars during a nationally televised game.

“No,” Spoelstra said, “It wasn’t about that. I just needed to rest them, particularly Lebron. He’d missed a nap earlier in the day and I hadn’t had a chance to breastfeed him, that’s why he’s been such a cranky Lebron. I mean every baby has temper tantrums, so I’m not worried, especially when they’re so tired. I think he was up late watching cartoons in the hotel.”

But Lebron’s frustration was clear to anyone in the room. “And then,” he said, “I saw Tim Duncan while the teams were warming up. Tell me this ain’t a foul, dude reached out and grabbed my hand and started shaking it up and down! That’s been happening before games all season, but I’m fed up with it.”

James was wearing an enormous sombrero during the interview, some speculate because he’s self-conscious about his receding hairline. “If any fan even breathes on my sombrero, I will go HAM on them, aight?”

The Heat were able to beat the Spurs 88-86 on a game winning three point goal from Chris Bosh.

When asked if he was proud of Bosh for winning with a depleted roster, he responded, “Who the hell is Chris Bosh?”



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