Erik Spoelstra: “LeBron is a product of my system”

2013 NBA Finals - Game Three

Miami Head Coach Erik Spoelstra had some provocative words for the media heading into a critical game five matchup with the San Antonio Spurs Sunday night. LeBron James always seems to receive the praise if the Heat win, and the brunt of the criticism if they lose. It seems Spoelstra feels a bit left out in all the media hoopla.

“LeBron is simply a product of my system,” Spoelstra said. “This is something I’ve taken years to perfect and now that we’re winning out there, you get to see my genius unfurl on the court.”

When asked for details, Spoelstra had no issue highlighting some of the key elements of his offensive attack. “Well, first off, you have to start with the right personnel. LeBron happens to be filling my ‘dominant, genetic freak, super player’ slot that I like to revolve the offense around. Any other once-in-a-lifetime, barely human, top of the class Hall-of-Fame stud could fill this role just as easily as Lebron does.”

“You see LeBron averaging close to a triple double in the finals, but you have to ask yourself, who is putting him position to execute?” Spoelstra waited a moment for the media to answer his question. “Me guys, me.”

When asked if he agreed with Erik Spoelstra’s analysis, LeBron seemed hesitant and a bit confused. “Wait, wait, wait, remind me again which one is Spoelstra? Is it that Uncle Jesse lookin’ dude? I thought I fired that guy like two seasons ago.”

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