Spurs fire A/C company after disappointing Game 2 performance


After a disappointing ending to Game 2 leading to the Spurs’ first home loss since they were doing…whatever they were doing against the Mavs (Sleepwalking? Drunk on Ensure? Screwing with them just to see another team from Dallas choke away a lead? All of the above?), you knew changes were coming. There was a 98% chance Gregg Popovich was going to kick down the door to the locker room and turn an AK-47 on everyone. Well, he didn’t do that, but they did make a major change.


Gregg Popovich can get pretty angry at times.

The team has announced that they have fired their air conditioning company for failing to cut the A/C off in crunch time during Game 2. “It’s simply unacceptable,” said Popovich, wiping what appeared to be ketchup but could be an A/C guy’s blood from his face. “This organization has standards. When I say I want some nasty, I want some nasty. When I say I’m tired of LeBron scoring 8 billion points and I want my A/C off again, you better turn the god damn A/C off. These guys didn’t, so they’re gone.”

Gone to where you ask? Popovich laughed and said “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Needless to say, as soon as he said that, the media immediately all got up and ran out of the room as quickly as possible before Pop made any more “changes.”

Here’s footage from Popovich’s press conference:

(Vine via @SBNationGIF)

Ask Popovich a question. We DARE you.

Where do the Spurs go from here? How will they stop LeBron when their air conditioning just refuses to go off when they need it to? There are a number of possibilities being discussed for Game 5, including starting bonfires around the Heat bench, stealing the team’s water/Powerade/Gatorade/whatever else they drink but can’t mention because it isn’t an NBA sponsor supply, or just taking an old fashioned lead pipe to LeBron’s knee, Tonya Harding style. There’s a number of possibilities.


If this was LeBron with no A/C, imagine after he takes a lead pipe to the knee

There’s only one scenario that isn’t possible: playing actual defense. The refs won’t allow them to do that. At least not without calling a billion fouls, flagrant fouls, technical fouls, and fouls you’ve never even heard of because they just that second made them up fouls. So good luck Spurs. Looks like you’re going to need it.


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