Star Wars MLB logos: all 30 teams re-mixed with Star Wars


Ah, the second half of baseball has finally arrived. With the Derek Jeter Memorial Send-Off All-Star Game and non-waiver trade deadline behind us, the homestretch of the season is near. The next two months will have their fair share of drama, with the second trade deadline allowing for waiver driven deals (Remember the Dodgers-Red Sox Mega trade two years ago that involved practically a kajillion dollars, several players, and the country of San Marino?), as well as September call-ups and pennant races, so there’s a lot to be excited about. Granted, the NFL is almost back and will be competing for viewers, but darn it, baseball will press on!

Well, AK47_Studios decided to give baseball a makeover, and he chose a fantastic topic: Star Wars. We’ve already seen what NFL helmets would look like in the Star Wars realm ( and now it’s baseball’s turn.

Every team logo from the last to first to last Red Sox to the rebuilding since 1908 Cubs was redone to give it an intergalactic flair (or maybe a Disney flair?).

As is the case with all of our logo remixes, they are broken down by division. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

To be clear: all pictures were created by ak47studios, found on instagram here: @ak47_studios

The pictures are his, the captions are ours.



AL East



The Orioles are just like the Alec Guinness version of Obi-Wan seen in this logo: Having been laying low for a few years while the Empire (read: Yankees) dominated their corner of the Universe, they have now returned to take the fight to the Empire.


Blue Jays


The Toronto Blue Jays have long been a team that occasionally gets involved in a division race but more often than not just stands by and watches all the action. Sounds just like R2-D2.




The Yankees have dominated the baseball world just like the Empire dominated the galaxy. Having Darth Vader in their logo is more than fitting.




Count Dooku was the only recognizable face among an army of drones after Jango Fett was cut down. Much like Evan Longoria is the face of the otherwise faceless Rays now that Price is a Tiger.


Red Sox


There’s a couple things wrong with this logo. First, Luke wasn’t evil (unless you deal with the Expanded Universe, in which case we suggest getting help. Or a girlfriend.) Second, the Red Sox aren’t winners this year.


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