David Stern fines Cam Newton $50,000 for flopping


Despite getting flagged a few times early on for “attempting to play defense,” everything was going quite well for the Panthers in the first half. Steve Smith was torching the 49er secondary and suggesting they apply ice to those burned areas, and Cam Newton was doing just about anything he wanted. The only struggle was at the goalline when “Riverboat Ron” went for it on 4th down but called 3 straight run up the middle plays, which is like doubling down in blackjack on a 4. Ballsy, but stupid.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Cam Newton lead the Panthers on a drive and had 3rd down and goal at about the 2. Here we go again, right? Ahmad Brooks tried to anticipate the likely run and it didn’t quite work out the way he wanted, as he was as excited as 15 year old boy about to lose his virginity.


Premature jumpulation?

(pic via @JeffDarlington)

But the fun didn’t stop there.

Cam Newton tried to be crafty and “sell” what was already an obvious penalty, by doing this:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

David Stern saw this live and immediately issued a $50,000 fine against Cam for flopping.

Normally you get at least a couple warnings, but Stern told reporters “That was so bad it was like 3 flops. I’m trying to get this out of my game, I can’t have my players keep doing this. Well, unless their name is LeBron of course.” David thinks he’s watching an NBA game, so at least Cam was convincing. But Stern might be senile, good thing he’s retiring next month so that he can spend his free time attending every Heat game in person.


Cam reacts to being fined by Stern, “What the hell man Superman don’t flop.”

What did LeBron think of Cam’s flop? “That was impressive man. I’m gonna have to ask him for some pointers. He’s welcome on my team any day.”

So if things don’t work out in the NFL, looks like Cam may have a place riding the Heat’s bench to a ring. It’s the dream retirement plan for athletes these days.

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