GIF: Steelers K Shaun Suisham balks on a field goal attempt


The Steelers started the season 0-4, and many thought they had no hope at much of anything outside of choking for Clowney. Then suddenly, they started winning. Oops.

Thanksgiving came along, and suddenly the Steelers were in a 9823 way-tie for a wild card spot, which is really impressive considering there are only 16 teams in the AFC.

Their Thanksgiving night game with the Ravens, also 5-6, loomed big. As usual, when these two teams play every point matters.

The Steelers set up for a 2nd quarter field goal attempt, and then well…


(GIF via @SBNation)

Shaun: foot must meet leather in order to make points. This seems like a difficult concept, but really: it isn’t. Check Chapter 1 of your football for dummies book.

So now you’ve seen a balk in football, and whatever it was Shaun thought he was doing afterwards. Not quite a buttfumble, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

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