#TBT VIDEO: “Do the Mark Sanchez” Jets video is hilariously bad


Mark Sanchez’ career as starting QB really didn’t work out for the Jets, but it definitely worked out for the other 31 teams who got the privilege to watch the master of laughter at work.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as after getting 8285427842 chances from Rex Ryan, Mark was finally released by the Jets.

Now he’s moved on to the Eagles, where’s he’s somewhere on the depth chart at QB between the Janitor and Nick Foles’ girlfriend, so we’ll likely never see him again unless the black plague wipes out every available QB on earth. He’ll now be doing what he’s actually elite at: holding a clipboard.

So we thought we’d take a #TBT look back at the Mark Sanchez glory days with this hilarious because it’s so bad rap video called “Do the Mark Sanchez.”

Warning: like Mark Sanchez, it’s bad.


(H/T @AlbertBreer)

He said do the Mark Sanchez and there wasn’t a single turnover. Complete false advertising.

If you want to see Mark Sanchez do the REAL Mark Sanchez, check out our top 10 funniest GIFs of his Jets’ career: There’s definitely plenty of turnovers there.

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  1. k5berry


    How is this not #1 on iTunes?

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