Tim Tebow reaches deal to become backup weatherman


Finally after the struggle of being unable to find a job in the NFL and getting traded to a middle school (, Tim Tebow’s gotten a job. And it’s back in his home state of Florida. But it’s not to play football or anything, it’s to be a weatherman. A backup weatherman. Yes, he can’t even start at weatherman. But he’s finally come to grips with that and taken the job.

He’ll be working at WESH 2 in Orlando, backing up Eric Burris, the current weekend night weatherman. They’ve even bought the bench he sat on all year in New York so he can be nice and comfortable sitting and watching Eric do the weather. A very thoughtful move. But why hire a NFL “quarterback” to become a weatherman? Why did the Jets hire him as a “quarterback”? Why did the Broncos? No one knows.

A WESH spokesman had this to say: “We’re happy to have Tim Tebow on board here at WESH. He’ll bring a lot of positive energy to our newscast. We’re hoping his positive attitude will even impact the weather. We’re tired of all the lightning here. God can’t possibly want to send that much lightning when TIM TEBOW is living here, right?” Uh sure guy…whatever you say. Maybe when it rains you can have him walk on water.

What does Tebow think of becoming a weatherman? Tim on his new job: “I’m really excited. It’s exciting to think that I’m just one injury away from becoming the weatherman. How exciting! I wanted to start at weatherman but I’m excited just to have some work, especially back in my exciting home of Florida.” Can someone buy Tim a thesaurus so he can learn another adjective besides excited? Seriously.

Will WESH find a special “wildcat” package to feature Tebow in? Maybe they can let him read one day of the 5 day forecast…he might be able to handle that. Regardless, the Tebow story continues. Now a certain show can “debate” daily whether WESH’s newscast would be “Super Bowl bound” if Tim Tebow was starting at weatherman. And we all know everyone’s “excited” for programming like that.

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