A thank you message from the creator of NOTSportsCenter


Here’s a thank you message from the guy who originally created and runs the NOTSportsCenter show, Will (@NOTSCWill on twitter):

I just wanted to thank every single one of the 200,000+ of you that follows @NOTSportsCenter now. Especially the spambots, you are always uplifting our spirits with promises of free iPads and such. Very cool. (I’m trying to keep this entertaining so those of you who opened it will actually, you know, read it.) I (and the others) greatly enjoy entertaining you all on a regular basis.

If you don’t know, I am the one that writes all the tweets on @NOTSportsCenter (and statuses on Facebook now, if you haven’t liked us there yet go do it…do it now! Before it’s too late!, and about 60% of the articles on this very website. I started the twitter account in January 2011 kind of on a dare from a friend while we both watched Onion SportsDome and she texted me you can write better stuff than this. Apparently she was right. #humblebrag

I’m the guy behind the guy behind the guy who puts it all together on the website as well for the rest of my writers who have since joined. Speaking of which, let me also thank all the rest that follow
-@NOTSCNFL (also written by me, for now, the old person quit…I’ll be looking for a new person very very soon, I need help…which is true in more ways than just needing a writer but this is a thank you note not a psychiatrist’s office)
-@TheNBAonNOTSC (written by @JohnnnyBONES, a big Knicks fan and the best basketball guy of any kind on twitter. He just got married so I’ve been trying to help him out on the account a little. Can you believe he chose a honeymoon over tweeting? Unreal.)
-@NOTSCMLB (written by @34inXXIII, a very passionate Cincinnati sports fan who is probably a little too smart for twitter, but that can be said about anyone who knows that 2+2 is 4 or isn’t a Justin Bieber fan)
-@NOTSCNHL (written by @DTrent23, who used to write @NOTSCMLB until the original writer of this account left, then he took over, so he made the obviously natural switch from baseball to hockey. Another guy probably too smart for twitter.)
-@YoursAIdiot (which is also put together by me, I plan on bringing it back as a regular website feature very soon. Got some new ideas to add to it, including voting on the idiot of the day. Stay tuned. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in the top menu. Hopefully it won’t be dominated by Heat fans. Eh…it probably will. But who doesn’t enjoy mocking them? Exactly.)


There are numerous other NOTSC accounts to acknowledge (mostly because as you all know, twitter likes to copy) but this is already approaching novel status and 60% of you have already said “okay I’m not reading this $hit” and closed it. Stay in school kids. Too bad for them, because there’s a reward at the end (seriously, keep reading. And don’t you scroll past the rest…like those tweets/fb statuses say God saw you scroll.).

The other two I know and can actually recommend because I actually told them to make it are @NOTSCCollege (written by @A_Moochie) and @NOTSCCleveland (written by @FakePatShurmur…he doesn’t write for the website so I don’t want to give out his actual name. But if you’re insane enough to like Cleveland sports I’d definitely suggest following him and @sportsyelling, the CRAZY CAPS LOCK OBSESSED girl that originally wrote the account.) The rest are a crap shoot, mostly crappy spinoffs done by unfunny people who just want in. But ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

(the next page is more background about NOTSC and personal info about me if you’re interested in that, or just want to skip to the reward. Cheater.)

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