The funniest moments of the Bucs’ disaster at the Georgia dome


The Bucs lost their game against the Rams because Mike Evans nearly died on the field and they didn’t have a timeout. And they thought THAT was bad. Then Thursday night football at the Georgia dome happened, and everyone died. At least Bucs fans did, anyway.

From the moment they arrived at the Georgia dome everything went wrong.

The Falcons coasted to a first drive TD so easy that even Kim Kardashian would call it a slut.

The Bucs punted, and the Falcons were on the move again. The suddenly, the Bucs did something right.


(Vine via @NOTSCWill)

Awesome move for like…three seconds or so. Then reality hit, Devin Hester style.

The Falcons quickly made it 14-0, and Tampa saw what was coming, so they took action:

The Falcons weren’t interested, as Devin Hester had just started going to work.

By the time he broke the return record to put Atlanta up 28-0 and had Bears fans crying like they were watching an ex marry someone else, the Bucs had had enough.

The Falcons had rejected the Friendly quit, so you know the next step:


(pic via @Steve_OS)

And like everything else with the Bucs, they couldn’t even do that right. So the game continued, and as you’ll see on Page 2, Roger Goodell had to step in.

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