Coming soon to a store near you: Titus Young Monopoly


You’ve seen former Lions WR Titus Young in the news piling up 11 criminal charges in 9 days. Soon you’ll be able to step into his shoes and feel what it’s like to be one of the dumbest criminals in the history of the planet with the new “Titus Young Monopoly,” coming soon to a store near you. It will be fun for the whole family!

Rather than GO, you appropriately start in jail. As you can see on the board above, no matter what you roll, you wind up back in jail, just like he would. Once you’re in jail again, you draw a community chest card to find out how you’ll be serving the community for your latest crime. Then you draw a chance card, which determines how you’ll plea. Will you plea “not guilty” or “guilty”? Or will you try to outsmart everyone and plead insanity?

Once you’ve entered your plea by drawing your chance and served the community from what your community chest card says, you’re allowed to roll again and get out. Unfortunately, you know how that ends up. The game ends when you run out of chances, and you’re stuck in jail forever. Just like Titus Young. It’s so realistic it’s scary. Reserve one today, because when it comes out, they’ll be going fast. Especially when the real Titus Young gets out and tries to steal them all.

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