Titus Young arrested 4 times in 9 days, is he NFL MVF? (UPDATED)


Titus Young from May 4- May 13:
Arrests: 3 4
Charges: DUI, Burglary (twice), Assaulting a police officer, Resisting arrest (UPDATE: Add theft to this list)

That’s a FORTY EIGHT (UPDATE: FIFTY) arrest pace during a 16 week NFL season. He clearly has to be one of the leaders for NFL MVF (Most Valuable Felon). Can anyone match those numbers? For example, Pacman Jones, Kenny Britt and Marshawn Lynch have put up some gaudy arrest numbers in the past but no one has been on a pace like this. He’s putting up numbers that entire teams put up (outside of perhaps the Detroit Lions, his former team…once a Lion, always a Lion).

This is a guy that once declared that he was “better” than Megatron, so he’s got the mental insanity potential to shatter arrest records. Luckily, California’s prison system franchise tagged him so they get all the bail money. That’s potentially billions of dollars, very smart decision there.  Also, he’s apparently got one hell of a lawyer because he keeps getting out of prison despite spending more time there than police officers that work there.

Where does he go next? How does he solidify his case for MVF? An obvious bet would be weed. Surprisingly he hasn’t been busted for that yet. But a simple pot arrest probably isn’t challenging enough for an all-pro felon like Titus Young. He’s smart enough not to deal with weed yet stupid enough to try to break into a tow yard to steal his own car out despite having the money to get himself out on bail 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, maybe 1,000 times.

It’ll likely be something unexpected but incredibly stupid all at the same time. Like trying to hold up a convenience store with a cap gun. (UPDATE: His 4th arrest was actually stealing from a convenience store, apparently we were on to something. What will be arrest #5? Getting arrested at his arraignment sounds like a very good possibility. We’ll go with that.)

Will he be NFL MVF? Who knows. One thing is for sure, the NFL hasn’t seen numbers like this maybe ever. He’s got potential to go down as the G.F.O.A.T. (greatest felon of all time). By the time he’s done, he could have his own wing at the NFL Hall of Fame just to have enough room to store all the evidence from his crimes. And isn’t that what we all dream of having?




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  1. anon


    would that be a 51 arrest pace including the bye week? or do arrests during the bye week not count?

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