Tony LaRussa Drunk Dials Joe Maddon


Our friends at the NSA were kind enough to forward to us a recording of a phone conversation between former A’s and Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa and current Rays manager Joe Maddon during the 18th inning of last night’s marathon game against the Orioles.

Joe Maddon: Hello.

Tony LaRussa: Joey!

JM: Yes.


JM: Who is this?


JM: Tony? Dammit, Tony. Are you drunk?

TLR: No. No. No. No. No. Well, maybe. I’ve only had one beer…for every inning you guys have played tonight.

JM: Do I need to call someone to pick you up, Tony. You don’t sound very good.

TLR: No way. I do this all the time. I managed the 1990 World Series drunk and we were just fine. The Smashed Brothers carried us to victory.

JM: It was the Bash Brothers and you got swept.

TLR: Agree to disagree.  Can I call down to your bullpen and get one of your pitchers warmed up?

JM: Well, I don’t really need one getting ready right now. Besides, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give you the number to our bullpen phone.

TLR: Oh, I already have it. Bud gave me the number to all of the league’s bullpen phones as a retirement gift. Earlier tonight, I called the Brewers bullpen phone and had four pitchers warming up simultaneously before anyone figured it out. By the 10th inning, their relievers were so tired, the Cardinals cruised to victory. It was awesome!

JM: Look, Tony, I…

TLR: Is it true that you’ve used 11 pitchers already in your game?

JM: Yes, but I really have to g-

TLR: I love you.

JM: Tony, I have to…wait, what?!?

TLR: Have my babies.

JM: I….I don’t….

TLR: Got to go. Need to get someone up in the Mariners bullpen.


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