Top 10 funny twitter reactions to Tony Romo’s late game INTs


The Cowboys were rolling against the Packers, up 26-3. But the game took place in December, so you know what that means:

Yup. Plus, Tony Romo was so nice against the Packers he choked twice. And as a result, he retained his title:

As you might imagine, twitter was ablaze with a variety of hilarious thoughts about Mr. Romo and his #DecemberStruggle, so we found 10 really funny ones from a variety of places, and put together a #NOTSCTop10 of the funniest Romo tweets.

They’re in not necessarily in any real particular order this time, they’re all quite good. However, the one that’s last is #1, simply because of who it is that sent it. Check ‘em out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

We have guys from other sports, teams from other sports, other parody accounts, and even a restaurant chain making fun of Mr. Romo.

Enjoy. Hopefully you won’t choke while reading them because…well, you know.




That’s okay Tony, Mark Sanchez doesn’t even know what a Rubik’s Cube is.

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