Top 10 dumbest Heat fan tweets from the Big 3 Era


From the moment LeBron James said those famous words “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”, and when he mentioned how many titles they would win “not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7,” (techinically he was right, “2” isn’t any of those numbers) it created a world nobody was really prepared for.

Miami jumped on the Heat bandwagon and jumped on it hard. It lead to smart, intelligent comments like this one:

There’s been all kinds of funny and stupid screwups including names, teams, and all the bandwagoning/delirious madness we’ve come to expect from Heat fans.

(DISCLAIMER: some possibly were kidding, but who cares, there are plenty of real ones that sound like that anyway)

Some of it comes from our mentions that we’ve mocked in the past (which you can see by going here: and will be mocking again regularly soon at @SomeonesAnIdiot¬†along with taking regular submissions like we’ve been doing.

So we kick off the new name for YoursAIdiot, @SomeonesAnIdiot, by bringing to you the #NOTSCTop10 dumbest Heat fan tweets from the Big 3 Era (2010-2014, most of which came in the last 2 years because let’s face it, they weren’t on the bandwagon until AT LEAST one title.), an era that could be ending soon so we have to pay our proper respects.

There’s actually more than 10, we threw in a couple bonuses on a few numbers as there were multiple examples of each type of tweet.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

It’s funny and frustrating to see people so dumb all at the same time, as anyone who follows SAI already knows. Enjoy!


#10 Heat fans struggle with the name of “their team”

Most NBA team names end in S, but the team from Miami doesn’t.

Someone forgot to give Heat fans that memo:

You might say “oh that’s just some random stupid girl.”

What about a verified athlete?

Go Heats indeed.


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