Top 10 Dumbest MLB Fans from the 1st Half of 2014


Baseball is supposed to be “the smart man’s game.” The Chicago Cubs are supposed to be “a major league team.” Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you intend.

Whether it’s the inability to spell the word “traitor” or it’s the inability to recognize how dumb you sound as a Yankee fan complaining about someone leaving for “the money”, stupidity has been running rampant through major league fans so far this season.

We’ve already had one #NOTSCTop10 featuring the MLB kids left behind ( we now bring to you an updated one to reflect the season up through the All Star break. We’ve had some new entries, including someone who may or may not have dragged us into a lawsuit…sort of (when you see him, you’ll recognize him).

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

There’s GIFs, vine, pics, just about anything you can think of, covering the best of the not so bright of the world of baseball.

#1 is….well again, you’ll recognize him when you see him.

All sources of GIFs/Vines/etc are listed below them. The commentary is ours.


#10 – Nationals fans chest bump


(GIF courtesy MLB)

It’s time to play “Dumb Move/Smart Move”!

Dumb move: Chest bumping a guy twice your size.
Smart move: Wearing a mask when you look like an idiot chest bumping a guy twice your size and ending up on your ass.
Dumb Move: Not tightening up that mask and revealing your true idiotic identity live on television.


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