Top 10 Dumbest MLB Fans Of The 2014 Season (So Far)


We are very thankful for the fans. Without the fans, the players would not have an audience to do what they do and, quite honestly, neither would we. That said, some are really dumb. Like Manny Ramirez dumb. For that, we are even more thankful. By the time the season is over, we might be able to compile a list of 100 dumb fans.

But we parody SportsCenter, so we stick to Top Tens. Here’s our current #NOTSCTop10 dumbest MLB fans of the season (so far).

Check them all out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom).

There’s bad spelling, a Yankee fan who can’t underestand irony, guys who completely blow attempting to catch foul balls, and plenty more.


#10 – “Elsbury is a trader”

This young lady made her initial appearance on this site in our “Top 10 funniest images of Red Sox fans”. Let’s go down the “Idiot Checklist” on this one…

  • Two misspelled words….check!
  • Neon green sign to call attention to your poor spelling….check!
  • Going to a game your favorite team isn’t playing in just for a chance to show off said sign….check!
  • Big smile expressing pride in displaying your stupidity on a national stage….check!


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