Top 10 funniest GameDay Signs from Oregon/Michigan State


It’s week 2 in college football already. It’s starting to go by fast and the season just started. Don’t make us hurt you college football. You have to stay. No leaving this time. For real. We talked about this.

This week College GameDay is in Eugene, Oregon as the Oregon Ducks have decided to take a week off from playing William & Mary school for the blind in September and play an actual real school instead, as Michigan State is in town (your point that it’s still just a Big Ten team is valid).

As we do every week (if you missed the FSU/Oklahoma State signs, check the last page for a link to them), we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest GameDay signs from GameDay’s appearance in Eugene for the Oregon/Michigan State game. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

As usual, they take shots at just about everything. This week there’s some very unfortunate spelling mistakes, a secret fact about Mark Dantonio, love for very random women, stats about Oregon’s uniform combinations, and much much more.

The source of the pics is below each.


#10 Oregon ain’t scurred


(pic via @Busted_Coverage)

Big talk from a school that tends to struggle against anyone with a mildly decent winning record.

But hey to be fair, they’re right.

They’d lose in basketball too.


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